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Because I Am.Erika

We are defined by stories: myths, heroes, lessons and monsters that make up history. Sometimes, that history can be shown with a symbol, sometimes with a photograph or a painting, sometimes with just emotion, sometimes with a solitary word. But these stories, these myths, which were incredibly vibrant and real that have now faded through time have lost their vibrancy and lessons to shades of faded glory. Occasionally, the lack of lost human form to worn memory is powerful enough to tell a story of humanity. Sometimes, our story telling starts and ends with just one word, with one look, with one reminder of lessons that we need to not forget from those words of old.

And sometimes, seeing an image, a photograph, a painting, and a word for 10 seconds ... that can be enough of a stark reminder that we need not lose the lessons of the past, so that we can continue with the future, lest we see the parallels.


There is a silence in memories that are lost which need to be found – let us speak up for the forgotten.

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