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75 years, four paintings, five nursery rhymes, two videos, and one elephant in the room: 

A reaction on FOUR FREEDOMS

In which nursery rhymes are updated, and only 50% of our Four Freedoms are seen, brought to you courtesy of the Am.Erikan Dream. 

In which nursery rhymes, the memes of old, which were reactions to bloody or macabre events, but were made to rhyme, be whimsical and thus be acceptable, get an update for the morbid context of today's world. 

In which I do not take photographs, not because of a lack of freedom, but rather by choosing not to, therefore, exercising my freedom of choice to protect against something I cannot see. 

In which I used photographs from others, because all art is eventually stolen. 

In which the other 50% of our freedoms are shown. Because they are never shown, nor available to us, 100% of the time. 

In which I update the last of the nursery rhymes, all of which were taken for their historical context;

the memes of old. 

In which I, a photographer, take an image that I didn't make. 

In which a photo of a newspaper doesn't just 'speak a thousand words', but has the start of one thousand names. 

In which the 1% of 100,000 is 1,000. 

The new 1%. 

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